Data/Server Cabinets

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TDK network Cabinets 4U – 42U  Glassdoor and mesh Data Cabinets Form 600 X 450 —– 800 X 100

, supplied with keys removable, lockable side doors with anti-rattle bumpers supplied as standard.

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4U- 42U - 19-inch Data Cabinets, Glass Doors and Mesh – Cabinets the perfect solution for SMB Networks and Low Budget Structured Cabling

A 19” inch data cabinet is a perfect solution for standard networking. The Network Cabinet Offers the perfect way to patch UTP cabling at a central location.

Also, the telephone system can be integrated into the 10-inch data cabinet. This compact version of the 19-inch server rack is also a good solution for businesses with a smaller network. With a 19-inch Network data cabinet, you can build and organize your network in a structured way.

TDK Solutions Limited Data Cabinet are the best solutions for SMB Networks and Structured Cabling server racks are compatible with all the leading 19” Cabinet Network Equipment Manufactures.  Such as TP-Link, Dahua, Cisco, D-Link, HP, and IBM servers and equipment, and they meet the EIA standards for 19" server racks.